Do you want to Launch your Business Psychology Career?

This is The Business Psychology Career Club!

  • Find your purpose
  • Create your personal brand
  • Hone your strengths
  • Create opportunities
  • Launch and accelerate your career
  • All for just £29 per month!

Who is the Business Psychology Career Club for?

The Business Psychology Career Club provides everything you need to identify the best career options for you and launch your career. You will have access to everything you need to create a career plan, position yourself for success as an Business Psychologist and have the career you deserve.  

The Business Psychology Career Club is an online programme for current or recently graduated MSc Occupational, Business, Work, Organisational or Industrial Psychology Grads who want to ensure that their career is as fulfilling as they expect it to be.  

Why I launched the Club

  • I’ve always mentored Business Psychologists and supported them with identifying career opportunities, providing coaching and support and I love doing it
  • I’ve also successfully provided career coaching for clients from all walks of life, from long-term unemployed people, graduates, mums and executives helping them discover their purpose, value and supporting them into finding a fulfilling career
  • With 18 years of supporting organisations with recruitment activities and talent management, I know what an employer is looking for and how to win the ever-evolving career game  

About me

I’m Michelle Minnikin and I’ve been where you are. When I qualified as an Occupational Psychologist I didn’t know where the jobs were, I was conscious that it would be difficult for me to get the required chartership experience in one place so fully expected to have to move around to get sufficient experience. For family reasons I had to stay in the Northeast so I was unable to relocate to take up opportunities with Business Psychology Consultancies or other large employers for Business Psychologists so I had to be creative!  

I started my career in an Occupational Psychology consultancy were I was so lucky to be able to design assessment centres and career resources for global organisations. I then went on to support long-term unemployed people with removing barriers to sustainable employment before having a number of in-house recruitment manager roles. I always wanted to work for myself (and have the best boss ever!) and after a particularly big failure in my ‘dream’ role I decided enough was enough and took the leap to start my own business.  

I’ve personally undertaken career coaching and mentoring throughout my career and it has provided me with clarity, purpose, accountability and a plan to get myself to the next stage of my career. I’ve had failures, had jobs I’ve disliked immensely and ones I have absolutely loved too. I have both a business coach and a business mentor to help me grow my business.  

Now, I operate a successful Business Psychology Consultancy and want to share what I’ve learnt the hard way during my career and enable you to navigate the world of work and achieve your career goals!  

The Career Club includes...

  • A 6-month programme of intensive support
  • 1-2-1 coaching to help you figure out where you want to take your career
  • A series of recorded webinars on evenings and weekends to support you in your career launch journey
  • Videos to immerse yourself in so you can learn at your own pace
  • Worksheets that are easy and effective to work through 
  • New lessons, tools, and techniques that are specifically designed to meet the ever-evolving challenges we Business Psychologists face
  • Energy infused throughout each step, to help you launch and accelerate your career

The Club will help you answer...

  • What exactly do I want to do with my career?
  • Where do I start?
  • How do I get experience to get Chartered? Do I need to get Chartered? 
  • How do I get career support from other people outside my MSc cohort or university?
  • Where are all the Business Psychology opportunities? 
  • What if I don't want a traditional job?
  • What if I want to work for myself?
  • What other routes are available to me? 
  • … and much more.  

The bottom line...

You’ll emerge as a confident Business Psychologist who understands your true value, can articulate your purpose and strengths and who knows and understands how to manage their own professional career. Time and again I hear from Psychologists I’ve coached how they’ve realised that Business Psychologists can absolutely change the world. Because it’s not just about finding a job, it’s about creating a fulfilling career

The changes you make in your career as a result of The Business Psychology Career Club will advance your career and put you ahead in the jobs market, or lead you into other paths… a portfolio career or self-employment.  

What is the Career Club?

The Career Launch Club is a community of help, support and guidence, built around our career launch system that has been proven to work in supporting people to launch and accelerate their careers!

Step 1: Finding your Purpose

Before you can pave the way for career success, you’ve got to get clear on your ‘Why’ and get to grips with what motivates you, what demotivates you, what your strengths and weaknesses are so you can make career decisions based on your values.  

Step 2: Career Inspiration

In this module, we’ll be getting up close and personal with some successful Business Psychologists to learn about them and what they’ve accomplished in their careers to give you some inspiration. We will talk about how to navigate the world of careers in a VUCA world during the 4th industrial revolution. You will also work on developing a vision and goals to help with your career plan.  

Step 3: Personal Branding

This is where we start dialing up our understanding of your reputation and think about your own personal branding. We will get crystal clear on what you stand for, what employers want and marry up the two!  

Step 4: Job Search

So know you understand what your purpose is, what stand for, now it is time to get to grips with the job search; how to prevent being rejected and what opportunities there are out there, from traditional Business Psychologist roles to the wonderful world of self-employment! This module will help you create opportunities for yourself!  

Step 5: Career Resilience  

There are so many different obstacles that you could face in your career and you should be aware of what can go wrong and plan for setbacks. Your employer will not manage your career, you need to do that yourself! In this module we will create practical strategies to help you ensure that you are taking care of you…resilience, stress management and avoid burnout.  

Step 6: Career Goal Setting

In the final stage, it’s time to ensure that all your newfound strategies and beliefs become second nature as soon as possible, so that your career management becomes virtually effortless and you are able to manage your own performance and ask for feedback, create accountability for achieving your goals to keep your career on track!  

How is the Career Club delivered?

  • A mixture of online group training, online learning and monthly online coaching with Michelle, which you can access on a computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Practical and motivating recorded webinars for each module, to walk you through the precise strategies you need to put in place to launch your career
  • Recordings of all the webinars to refer back to
  • Clear, step-by-step exercises and worksheets to show you how to implement what you’ve learned
  • Inspiring interviews of successful Business Psychologists
  • Must-read books and resource lists to keep you motivated to reach the next level  


What other support will I get?

Bonus 1: Bitesize Training Workshops (Value: £900, Yours FREE)  

Enjoy my series of in-depth bite-sized training resources around key employability skills: negotiation, consultancy skills, overcoming procrastination, managing up, communication, business writing etc. As learning needs are identified during the programme, I will be adding to this list to make sure that you are supported with what you need!  

Bonus 2: Job Vacancy Advertising (Value: £Unlimited. Yours FREE)

Throughout the programme I will be curating a list of jobs and opportunities from the usual places and will be speaking to organisations on your behalf to identify when they will be recruiting so you find out first!  

Bonus 3: Private Facebook Group (Value: £Unlimited. Yours FREE)

In order to get the best out of this programme, there will be a private facebook group for all members of this programme so we can share stories, ask each other questions and identify resources to help us on our journey!  

The value of this Club

The secret to your success is our community. The support and friendship you’ll find in this community will be a game-changer for you, no doubt about it and I’m active in our group every day offering support, advice and answering your questions

What you get:

That's a total value of over £3,250!  

The total investment in yourself and your career for this club is £29 per month - no minimum contract - cancel when you want!